Why RHM?

Rural Hospital Mortgage recognizes that rural communities differ greatly from big cities, in their delivery of quality healthcare. To determine your community’s unique healthcare needs, your local economy, demographics and competitive landscape must be evaluated.

We calculate the true potential of your hospital by reviewing your financial and operational structure, quality indicators and physician component. Based on your hospital’s past and present performance, and projected community indicators, we model your operational initiatives into a financial forecast. Our findings develop capital financing and debt strategies, government partnerships and hospital / physician affiliations.

Our objective is to help your community better understand your hospital’s debt capacity, ways it can improve its services, and how to increase its bottom-line. Through analytics, a right-sized, capital project and loan amount are developed. By collaborating with stakeholders, a financially viable modern hospital is realized on time and within budget. Once we complete our engagement, we will stay connected with your hospital and community by providing annual financial reviews.